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"The paper was great. The turn-around time was very good. Excellent value. The support was personal and quick. I don't think I'll even shop around next time I need a map printed."


"The maps were reasonably priced and shipped very quickly. It came with a sample of the other paper type which was cool to try out and compare at home. The fully synthetic maps I got held up well to repeated folding and being stored in my back pocket, and tolerated sweat, dirt, and snow from 5 days in the wind river range."

Eddie P.

"Quick and easy to get a high-quality print from Caltopo, and showed up very fast (in time for my trip!)"

Jonah P.

"Perfect, beautiful, waterproof maps, integrated seamlessly with CalTopo. Brilliant idea that I hope succeeds wildly. I use them both for hiking and for commemorating important places/events, for myself and as a gift for friends."

happy customer

"Great maps and great service as advertised. Good quality custom maps delivered promptly. I'm impressed with this company and their products, had a very positive experience."


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