About Us

We believe everyone should go outside to play - and then come home safely.  

So we started the Mountyn Company to provide adventurers with the the right tools and training to get home safely. Our products are imbued with hard-earned knowledge that comes from a lifetime of outdoor pursuits. Many of us received unique training for survival situations during military service, and we seek to share this knowledge with the wider world.

The Mountyn Company's first products include custom maps designed for outdoor pursuits and survival packs for hikers. Everything we create is based in data and experience about what works best. We put our products through real-world testing in tough environments to make sure they perform well for you. 

​The spirit of the Mountyn Co. is evoked in these words: Perseverance, Adventure, Challenge, Knowledge. Our target customer is anybody takes on new challenges and knows they can overcome any difficulty with a little knowledge and a lot of willpower. Our network of experts - former military personnel, emergency responders, intelligence officers, and other specialists - are excited to share their knowledge and experience with you. We will always do so in professional, humble, and accessible manner. 

Interested in learning more? Want to join our team as a Mountyn Co. Survival Expert? Please reach out to us at hello@mountyn.co

Meet the Team


After spending a decade as a military officer and diplomat, the tug of home was too much. Returned to the Pacific Northwest and jumped into entrepreneurial pursuits. Our Team Lead.

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Air Force Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape specialist with extensive experience in the world's most challenging environments. Don't ask too many questions. Our Product Expert.


Full stack developer and nonstop tinkerer. Websites, brands, mobile apps, acquariums, solar panels...you name it, Taylor's built it. Our Tech Lead.


Brand builder who switched from a career in tech to a career raising horses. Seeker of the path less traveled. Our Community Engagement Lead.