Thank You to Those Who Serve

Today is Veteran’s Day, and I’m proud that half of our team at Mountyn Co. are veterans. Underpinning every veteran’s military experience is a commitment to serving others, showing loyalty to their team, and a willingness to do what is hard. I hope The Mountyn Co. exemplifies these characteristics as we grow.

Of course, these traits aren’t the exclusive province of military personnel. To be honest, as a military veteran myself, I’ve always felt a little embarrassed to be thanked so much for that service. I am proud to have served in my country’s military, but I also know there are so many selfless individuals performing great service to their community outside of the uniform.

My mind goes to other branches of government, like the Department of State, where personnel also volunteer for dangerous assignments. And I think of the search and rescue volunteers who venture out into the cold at a moment’s notice to help find a stranger in need of help. I think of the countless parents who volunteer as coaches of their kids’ sports teams, giving up their time to teach our young ones new skills and, importantly, what it means to be a good sport. I think of the hiker-volunteers who staff trail organizations and dedicate countless hours to maintaining the trails we all get to enjoy.  

To put it simply, service is an act. It doesn’t require membership in any organization or external proof. The best kind of service is performed quietly, with no expectation of recognition, because doing the right thing is what we should all strive to do.

So today I thank my fellow veterans for their commitment to their fellow countrymen and their willingness to take on hard missions. I think of so many of you who served - and are serving - in dangerous locations far away from your family. It’s no easy task. I thank our first responders, so many whom are volunteers, for bravely placing themselves in difficult situations to help someone in need. I thank my fellow nature-lovers who show their kids and friends why going outside is so wonderful, and why we should take good care of our natural areas.

I thank any of you who silently work to make the world around you a little bit better.

On a hike after returning home from a deployment

The best part of serving abroad is the feeling you get when returning home. This photo shows my daughter and me doing what we love so much -- enjoying a trail near our house. This photo was take the morning after I returned from a months long deployment. 

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