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TRS: The Patagonia Adventure Loop

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The Mountyn Company is proud to partner with the Trail Riders of Southern Arizona (TRS) to offer this printed map.

  • This two-sided, 12x18 inch map covers the entirety of the Patagonia Adventure Loop, a route created by TRS that runs between the cities of Tucson and Patagonia.
  • This loop is suitable for bikes like BMW GS down to Yamaha XT250. Bikes must be street legal. The route is on paved and maintained dirt roads.
  • A description of points of interest on the loop is located here 
  • Your choice of paper: Traditional or Synthetic. Both are 100% waterproof. Traditional folds like normal paper; Synthetic is durable and oil resistant.

A portion of the proceeds from your map purchase goes to support the efforts of TRS, a non-profit organization.