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Mountyn Survival Kit

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The most comprehensive preparedness kit on the market for day hikers. Over 100 items packaged neatly into a lightweight sling pack. Carry the sling pack alone or throw into a larger backpack. Weighing just over two pounds, this kit is light enough to ensure you'll take it along. If an emergency happens, you'll be glad you have this pack.

Designed by BJ, The Mountyn Company's military survival expert. Informed by hundreds of survival case studies. Comes with detailed survival advice and instructions on how to use each item in the kit. 

Our kits are hand-assembled to ensure they are organized and easy to use. Each kit contains five categories of items:

Stormproof matches, waterproof matches, quick tinder, ferro rod and scraper, waxed firestarter
Quality pocketknife, rain poncho, bivy sack, insulated seat pad, gloves, cordage, duct tape, mosquito headset
Electrolyte packets, honey snacks, spare water carrier, water purification tablets
Navigation & Signalling
High quality compass, whistle, signaling reflector, flashlight plus spare battery, writing instruments, waterproof notebook
Micropore anti-blister tape. Medicine for pain, nausea, allergies, and stomach issues. Gauze pads, rolls, self-adhesive wrap, bandages, cravat, blood clotting powder, nitrile gloves. Sunblock, burn cream, Castile soap, antibiotic ointment, mosquito repellent. All neatly packaged for ease of use. 


Packaged in one sling pack in high visibility orange. Inner contents packaged into additional pouches. Overall pack dimension approximately 16" x 8" x 6". Weight is 38 ounces. The sling pack has enough additional room to add your own items, such as personal meds, additional food, or a puffy. Each survival kit comes with a removable ultralight kit (weighing 11 ounces) that contains core survival items and was designed for trail runners or hikers looking for an ultralight approach. 

This survival kit is ideal for dayhikers, hunters, fishermen, foragers -- really anybody headed into the backcountry. It's also a great addition to the emergency supplies and medical kit you keep in your car. 

See the full item list in our instruction manual here