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Your adventure. Your map. The Mountyn Gift Card is the perfect gift for adventurers.

The Mountyn Company offers printed, paper maps that you get to customize for your next adventure. You choose your area, your map style, and your paper type. Our specialized printing process ensures your map is waterproof, durable, and ready for whatever your adventure brings.

The Mountyn Company also offers lightweight survival kits prepared by our survival expert. All the tools and supplies necessary to help keep you alive in an emergency survival situation, including firemaking, shelter building, food & water provisioning, navigation, and first aid. The best survival kit for those who seek to go farther. 

This gift card will arrive in its own envelope and includes a brief description of our products and samples of our paper types. It will also include a redemption code the gift recipient can use during the checkout process.

Pricing is in $10 increments. Simply select the quantity desired to increase the amount included on the gift card (i.e. 1 = $10, 2 = $20, etc).

If you want multiple cards of $10 each, you can either order them separately or create one order and leave a note in your checkout cart specifying how many cards you would like.